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World-Class Connectivity for All

A brokerage firm in the metropolitan area

Brokerage / Finance Firms

P2P Connectivity Service

Financial Institutions face the challenges to comply with local FSA requirements and to maintain the safety of their user data, yet remain productive. GLBB Japan has been in the business for years helping firms connect their branch offices and remote data centers throughout Japan. By utilizing our P2P Connectivity Services, smaller firms are able to eliminate problematic VPN devices and enjoy large packets sizes between offices. Directly resulting in faster data transfer.

A company providing solutions for conference rooms

Conference Room System Provider

Agile Collaboration

For some companies, it is neither cost effective nor an easy task to transfer their application into the public cloud. GLBB Japan utilizes its nation-wide network in order to design a low-latency private cloud network for conference equipment and service provider. The users were then able to use our F::Xpress and P2P Connectivity Circuits to access the service provider's private cloud. As a result, the service provider was able to provide a secure end-to-end access to their platform.

A leading real-estate company of the Okinawa Prefecture

Leading Real Estate Company in Okinawa

F::Xpress Fiber Service (Next-Gen Ethernet) / Internet Service Provider

As the demand for apartment complexes with internet service included increased, the complaints for delays during peak usage hours also increased. This delay was caused by the way real estate companies were using regular FLETS based lines to service the apartment. Performance was affected by the corresponding GE-PON splitting and slowing down the connection during general peak hour usage. To improve the service provided, "F::Xpress Fiber Service (Next-Gen Ethernet)" was installed. Since GLBB Japan's F::Xpress fiber is not split, it's not affected by peak hours or PON splits. Users were then able to stream 4K TV and play high frame rate games at anytime of the day.

A company providing solutions for data protection

Data Protection Company

Inter-Metro Connectivity / P2P Connectivity & Agile Collaboration

Backing up data to the cloud is a costly endeavor; Transfer fees and basic data storage fees can add up. Not only that, but finance firms / schools / hospitals generally cannot back their data up to public clouds due to local restrictions. We worked with a data protection company to design a solution for them to provide to their clients in the metropolitan area. By using our Agile Collaboration engineering service and Inter-Metro Connectivity Service, we helped them implement a private cloud in another prefecture over 1500km away. Which linked their customs to a non-internet facing circuit to provide private connectivity to the Data Protection companies servers. Since backup data never traverses the internet and the circuit route was designed with the end-user in mind, higher transfer speeds were proviced, guaranteeing the network would keep up with the increasing data demand for years to come.